Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Catholicism and my e-Reader

Dear Theophilus,

I received a Kobo e-Reader for Christmas 2011. As a traditionalist, I was a bit dismayed at the idea of giving up the comfortable weight, feel and smell of real books for the light, sleek lines of technology. I also mourned the loss of giddy anticipation while waiting for a package of ordered books to arrive in the mail or a tranquil afternoon spent leafing pages and reading back covers in a traditional bookstore.

Seven months later, I’m a convert. Although I still enjoy picking up the odd book now and again (there’s still a stack of novels under my bed), I thoroughly enjoy the ease my Kobo gives me in finding the titles I want to read at a much cheaper price. I also have to admit that I like it that they’re in my hand immediately, giving instant gratification to my bookish addiction. I’m also reluctantly enamoured with the text-size function now that bifocals seem to have become a necessity.

The vast library of Catholic classics (and contemporaries) available at my fingertips also excites me. Titles that are long out of print or simply not carried by my local bookstore are readily available. In the case of the classics, they are often offered at the best discount going – free (or at least under $1).

Since Christmas, my library has grown with the following titles:

  • Explanation of Catholic Morals (John H. Stapleton)
  • Heresy: Ten Lies They Spread about Christianity (Michael Coren)
  • Orthodoxy (G.K. Chesterton)
  • How to Listen when God is Speaking (Mitch Pacwa S.J.)
  • The Path to Rome (Hilaire Belloc)

and my virtual bedside table is covered with similar titles:

  • Didache (the 12 Apostles)
  • Summa Theologica (St. Thomas Aquinas)
  • Europe and the Faith (Hilaire Belloc)

plus whatever Catholic title or author I find as I troll Catholic blogs, e-Book stores or that are suggested by friends. Titles I hope to share with you as I discover the wonderful world of Catholic e-Books.


  1. Hey Robert...
    I had a chance to try a kindle on the weekend at a friend's cottage...and I think I might be hooked too! Do you have any recommendations for websites to get free or almost free books?
    I wanted to start building up my virtual I think I might be getting some sort of e-Reader soon...but when I download, I just keep downloading a different free software and I can't seem to get a book. Any tips?

    1. Hey Monica~

      I never thought of it before I had the Kobo - but was pleased to find thousands of free titles in their store (through the software downloaded when I got the e-Reader). Through the Kobo desktop store I would simply search 'Catholic' or 'Catholicism' or the name of an author and then filter the results by price - free being at the top. From there the choice seems endless.

      My suggestion would be to wait until you get your e-Reader and then search from there.

      Prices for other books are much reduced as well. For example, Michael Coren's book, Heresy, which I just blogged about last week was roughly 1/2 the price of the current release hardcover.

      Good luck and keep me posted with the titles that you discover - I'm always looking for a good read.